Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wii, Stumbleupon, etc

Had a great time last night pointing my Wii to the new Wii-compatible Stumbleupon Video channel. Saw a ukelele version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, and an old recording of that Sesame Street skit where the two monsters improvise jazz ("Bah-da-da-bupp! boo-doop-doo-doo-doo...Oh forget it, either you know it or you don't).

How does this relate to marketing to Millenials? Well, two advantages that traditional TV has had over the internet is that it is

a) A more culturally shared experience, and
b) Semi-ambient and social

And this takes another chunk out of an already dying market.

Is this the same evolution that's been happening all along?


What does it mean?

Don't know. But I'm listening to OK Go on Pandora right now, MTV is laying people off, and I spent last night relaxing watching the StumbleUpon Video Music Channel on my Wii while posting at my political blog.

Year of the dynamic playlist, perhaps? Seemed worthy of note...

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